By now youll probably be aware of global warming and of our need to change our fuel supplies from Fossil Fuels to cleaner Renewable Fuels. Climatologists are all in agreement that global warming is already in full swing and sadly it is people that caused the majority of it. But as resourceful a creature as we are – it will also fall to us to resolve the problem of alternative energy sources.

If you hadn’t heard, we need to make the switch due to the high levels of pollution across the planet which is caused by these Fossil Fuels. The sun warms the earth and gases trap the heat in the atmosphere. When we burn Coal or Oil we produce even more carbon dioxide which then creates the greenhouse effect and over heats the planet.

We also need to look elsewhere for supply because we are starting to run short of the supply of fossil fuels and these days looking for alternative energy sources has become more of a serious issue than at any time before.

Other alternative energy sources include Solar Power, Wind Power, Marine Power and geothermal energy and of which Solar Power is the most popular choice of the people looking to go green around their homes and create their own supplies.

The International Energy Agency have said before that a Solar Powered Hot Water system is able to supply up to 80% of an average families daily hot water needs. Imagine if every household were able to do this, the change to the pulltion levels around us would change dramatically.

Most governments have recognized the importance of this and have put in place financial incentives and tax breaks for people who make the investment in their homes and ultimately the planet.

Here’s the Green DIY Energy Guide that will show you how to get a solar power into your home for a lot less $$$ than you think.

Green DIY Energy Guide – Click Here

Wind Power, like Solar Power has some financial costs involved when it is first set up. Because Wind Power equipment is often cheaper than solar power equipment, more people are turning to wind power electric as the first alternative.

However it should be noted that there are some maintenance costs involved, as the Wind turbines will need to be checked regularly. The wind power continues to work to its full effect, but this is no different to the charges that are passed on to you by your electricity supplier.

So using Wind Energy to power a home is also becoming more popular and creating your own wind turbine is‘nt as complicated as it once was. Even if you don’t have great do-it-yourself or handyman skills, you will still be able to manage it.

Here’s the Home Made Energy Guide that will show just how easy it is:

Home Made Energy Guide – Click Here

In summary, both of these options are better than using fossil fuels becuase they are not harmful to the environment and are both renewable. With the World economic ressession we are currently experiencing, now is a great time as any, to be thinking about protecting the planet while at the same time saving some money too.

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