What is Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide?

Battlefield 3 Dominator is the most complete walkthrough for the BF3 game. It allows you to become one of the best BF3 gamers.

The package includes a HD Video Guide that will show you how to beat campaign, as well as a complete description of multiplayer missions.

This guide was written by professional gamers, who are in the top-10, according to the results of BF3 beta testing.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Includes:

1. Basic Guide. Even if you’ve never heard about the Battlefield 3, a basic guide will allow you to adapt to the game quickly. You will learn about all pros and cons of BF3 classes as well as how to choose and use weapons.

2. BF3 Campaign Guide. The access to high-quality color maps allows you to have an important strategic advantage over your rivals. You will learn how to form your own team.

3. BF3 Multiplayer Guide. With this guide you will become a true professional in a multiplayer game.

You can view free video (the choice of weapons, a review of the game classes) on the official website of BF3 Dominator Guide.

You can also get two free bonuses:

- Online Masterclass. This guide will allow you to dominate online;

- Battlefield 3 Competition Blueprint. You learn how to become winner of Battlefield 3.

The table below shows all benefits of BF3 Dominator:

Pros & Cons of the BF3 Dominator Guide:

So, you can get:

- Instant access (immediately after the payment) to all the above named materials;

- Free lifetime updates;

- Access to guide even during the gaming;

- Full HD Videos (for those who don’t like to read).

Unfortunately, developers did not provide free trial testing. And this is (in my opinion) the only one disadvantage of this walkthrough.

Is Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Legit?

BF3 Dominator Guide contains no hacks or cheats, because of which you may be banned.

Is Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide a Scam?

This is the best step-by-step walkthrough for BF3, which you can find. Developers will guarantee the high quality of they product: you can always get your money back within 60 days after purchase.

You should know that the Battlefield 3 Dominator updated for the “BACK TO KARKAND” DLC Expansion Pack. There are new features:

- All about new weapons and how to dominate with them;

- New maps, choke points, new team strategies;

- New trophy guide.

Do not waste your time! Become the best player of the Battlefield 3:

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