What is Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh is the brain child of internet legends Kelly Felix and Mike Long. The main focus of their training system is the creation of a nurturing environment for budding Internet Marketing stars. When you join the program, you get first hand top notch information from them on all the skills and mindset directions that you should master as an online marketer. Plus you get access to them and a group of skilled and experienced moderators on a very lively forum that is growing by the day. On top of it all, you get emails and blog posts answered personally by the masters.


Both Kelly and Mike have been massively successful in making millions online over the past many years. So, the information you get is accurate, relevant and presented in an open sharing environment.

Sales Letter

The sales letter is a no-nonsense introduction to the program laying out exactly what is included in the program (learning, participating, concerted effort) and what is not (get rich quick, push button millions). It contains reams of glowing praise and impressive results from satisfied students making it big by applying the techniques and guidance from the Bring the Fresh team.

Is Bring the Fresh Scam?

No-no-no. Here you find all the information and guidance you may need to set you off on a successful internet marketing career. Training is delivered in the form of videos by the masters themselves, guiding you step by step though the actions to take to accomplish full knowledge of each piece of the Internet Marketing puzzle. You also get a Fast Start Guide book that clearly lays out the road map to follow in your training program.


All the necessary topics are fully covered by the program like keyword research, product selection, domain name registration, hosting and website creation.  Also SEO optimization, conversion, article writing and many more.


It is very important to note that not only do you get practical advice on essential topics but you also get mindset guidance into taking the correct approach to be really successful in the long run.


Full Disclosure Membership

This option gives you access to the inner sanctum of internet marketing wisdom, where the no holds barred exchange of intimate secrets about making mega millions online take place. You get to tap the minds of the masters themselves: Kelly and Mike and many others they invite in their video discussions. You listen to their discussions on the winning strategies of their different successful ventures over the years, and also about lessons learnt from projects that were not so successful. Learning from others’ mistakes is certainly less painful than learning from your own.


All members also have access to a special bonus program with one-on-one training and consulting, at very attractive rates.


This is by far the most valuable and outstanding feature of the Bring the Fresh training program. The forum on its own is an absolute gold mine of useful information and also of new ideas and guidance. Forum questions are answered in detail and quickly by Kelly himself or experienced, knowledgeable moderators or members. Program related emails are answered personally by Mike.

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