How to make hip-hop beats?

Many people want to create professional music, but just some of us can afford the expensive equipment for thousands dollars. The most popular equipment for music making is MPC Akai. But can each of us buy such device? Here are the current prices for MPC (from Amazon):

Models (new and used):  Current Price:
 Akai MPC 5000 (standard)  $ 1999
 Akai MPC 1000  $ 500
 Akai MPC 400  $ 499
 Akai Pro MPC 2500  $ 1400
 Akai MPC 4000 Plus  $ 1250
 Akai MPC 3000 LE Limited Edition  $ 1995

But, if you want to make really killing beats, you do not need a big expensive music studio. You need just special software, such as BtvSolo. Here I want to compare BtvSolo with similar products, so you are able to appreciate all its positive and negative sides and make the right choice.

What is BtvSolo?

It is professional software for music production, which has almost same capabilities as expensive devices and studio equipment.



Why did I choose BtvSolo:

A. I need only a computer keyboard to work with BtvSolo – no other appliances and devices.

B. It supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

C. It comes with over 1000 built-in professional audio files.

D. It simulates the sound of more than 100 different electronic and acoustic instruments, including synthesizer, piano, saxophone, bass guitar, and many other.

E. BtvSolo has more than 60 different built-in sound effects.

F. The program is easy to use.

G. This is the latest development in the field of software for music making: BtvSolo started selling in the late December last year.

There are examples of the music beats, created with BTV Solo:

What is included in the package?

1. BtvSolo software – just download and install on your computer.

2. Video lessons, which help you in the shortest possible time master all subtleties of working with this product.

3. The pre-loaded sets.

4. Add-on for working with MIDI files.

The Best Beat Making Programs:

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Official Site: 
Main Features:

1. Sequencer: Convenient shortcuts allow you to use easily all the features of DubTurbo.2. Drum Machine Panel: Each key has a trigger that makes this software looks like a professional machine for music production.

3. 4-oktave keyboard: You can easily add the piano, saxophone, bass and bells; import your music; change the volume level of each sample, etc.

1. Convenient and easy navigation.2. Editing sound files in the WAV format.

3. Various built-in effects and reverb.

4. Full customization of the sound of drums, piano, synthesizer, etc.

5. Setting up the resonance and the pan-effect.

6. Fully customizable operating modes.

7. Built-in quick effects.

8. Setting up the modulation.

1. 4-octave keyboard.2. 12 programmable drum pads.

3. Unlimited number of measures.

4. Support of MP3 or WAV files.

5. Easy-to-use.



$39.95  $29.95
$5.00 (12,5%)
(click here to get discount)
$5.00 (12,5%) No
60-days Guarantee:
yes yes yes
Start of Sales:
2010-04-02 2011-12-28 2008-02-28 

Perhaps this is a scam?

No, BtvSolo is not  scam. If you are afraid to lose money, you should know about money-back guarantee within 2 month after purchase. So if you want to get good software for making beats for a little money, BTV Solo is your choice. I advise you: Do not waste your time, because developer can raise the price of this product at any time.


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