To successfully raise chickens healthy and productive, you must provide housing that meets their needs. There are many different models henhouse to choose from, but whether you are building a large cage or small, there are certain elements which are essential.

The main purpose of the house is to protect your chickens, both climatic conditions and natural predators. Make sure to surround the cooperation with it, and it is also a good idea to bury some underground tunnel to keep rodents away.

If you want to learn how to easy make a cheap chicken coop yourself, this review will be very useful for you.

Many people raise chickens, it’s a constant source of dietary meat and fresh eggs. But poultry needs constant care. For successful breeding of chickens, you need, first of all, a good hen house. That is roomy, but at the same time, compact, convenient, secure from predators chicken coop. This construction is not cheap in the finished form. But why not build it yourself? After all, it does not need to have any special knowledge or skills. All you need is Building a Chicken Coop Guide.

What is Building a Chicken Coop Exactly?

This is a complete step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to build a hen house yourself. This is more than seventy pages of useful information that will help you to build an excellent house for your hens (below you can download a part of this guide).

BuildingaChickenCoopGuide contains also detailed blueprints that will help to build a chicken house even the newbie who has never held a hammer in their hands. Advantages:

1) You do not need to buy any special tools. Hammer, nails, saw and drill – all this can be found in any private house. You will get also a complete list of all necessary materials.

2) As I wrote above, everyone can use this guide. You do not need any special carpentry skills and knowledge.

3) Easy to use: Just print any needed info (for example, blueprints), and use for your needs.

What types of chicken coops can I build? provides detailed information on how to build:

- Large hen house (up to 50 hens);

- Small and portable chicken coop;

- All-in-one chicken coop (up to 4 chickens);

- Large double-story hen house and other.


What about the additional materials?

Additionally to BuildingaChickenCoop Guide, you can get several useful free bonuses:

- List of low-cost materials for building hen house;

- All about creating a ground for chicken house;

- How to choose best position for your coop;

- Building nesting boxes.

Pros & Cons

From my point of view, the pros of are:

1) Completeness of information: This guide contains all necessary information to build a chicken house with your own hands.

2) Low price (see below).

3) 60-day guarantee. You can always get your money back within two month after purchase.

4) Trial version.

The only one drawback in my opinion is that information in the general guide is partly repeated in free bonuses.

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My Conclusion

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but at the same time, a high-quality guide for building a chicken coop, the is your choice. This is the best ratio of price and quality for today.



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