In our days many people, especially in rural areas, raise chickens. For successful breeding chickens it’s very important to choose the right chicken coop. But a good pre-build chicken coop is not cheap. If you want to learn how to build an inexpensive, sturdy and comfortable for the poultry coop, please, read this review.

What is Chicken DIY Guides?

This is a really useful manual for anyone who wants to build their own chicken coop. You will get access to valuable info:

- How to easy build an inexpensive hen house with commonly available materials and instruments;

- How to protect your hen house from predators;

- How to ensure an easy collection of eggs;

- How to improve the exterior design of the coop, so as not to spoil the general view of the yard.

What are the advantages of this guide?

A. Chicken DIY Guides includes easy understanding instructions. You do not need any special knowledge or skills to build your own coop with this manual. The only one requirement is IQ above 60.

B. Special design decisions can improve egg production.

C. You can resize any plan to accommodate more chickens in the hen house.

D. You can save hundreds or even thousands dollars compared to buying ready-made chicken coop.

Contents of the Chicken DIY Guides:

A. The main Chicken DIY guide – basic guide, containing step by step instructions, detailed plans and drawings of small, medium, large and portable hen houses (5 to 24 chickens).

B. Additional guide – provides answers for all questions that should be studied before the start of building.

C. Bonus material that contains many useful information about breeding chickens (for example, the creation of your own incubator).

Comparison with Similar Products:

Chicken DIY Guides review How to Build a Chicken Coop in 3 Days review Make Your Own Chicken Coop review
Official site:
 C/O ChickenDIYguides  Travis Sago  Dan Kennedy
 $39.97 basic package – $37*
complete package – $49.95
*there are two versions of the basic package and one version of the full package (see the differences on the official site)
Sales start date:
2009-06-22 2009-04-23 2009-06-24
Short description:
A complete step by step guide with detailed schemes and blueprints for building various types and sizes of chicken coops. Chicken coop plans as well as 50 coop designs + plus e-book about chickens breeding (full version of the product). Schemes with instructions for building hen house and video tutorials.
Free bonuses:
There are several free bonuses, the most useful of which, in my opinion, is a guide to creation your own incubator and self-incubation chickens. There are 8 bonus e-books about breeding poultry. There is a free guide for beginners – how to raise chickens.
My conclusions:
It’s my choice A good alternative to Chicken DIY Guides It’s not my choice
60-day guarantee:
 yes  yes  yes

Is Chicken DIY Guides Scam?

No, it’s not scam. If you are looking for a cheap and high-quality guide for self-built chicken coop, ‘Chicken DIY Guides’ is the perfect solution. You can always use guarantee without specifying reasons for returning the product.

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