What is a Dr. Drum?

We all need a talent to be successful in the music business. But for creating really great music beats that make people stand up and listen, you need much more. You need a banging beat-making machine that will deliver every time. Dr Drum is the Nr. 1 Beat Making Software for a reason. For Beat Makers and Hip Hop Producers of all kinds, this music making software can take you to the next level.

Dear friends! You have a unique chance to buy Dr. Drum for only 65 % ($19.95) of the price, offered on other sites! I guarantee that you will not find anywhere else the lower price.

If you want to become a real DJ, this Dr. Drum review will be very useful for you. First off, using a DrDrum beat maker on your computer is much easier and cheaper than buying all kinds of gear.  With this hip hop and rap maker you simply download it to your computer and you are offer and running.

I want to consider here all positive and negative aspects of the DrDrum software and also try to compare it with similar products.

The main advantage of DrDrum – it can completely replace the expensive equipment for DJing. You need to download software, install it on your PC and start making beats.

The Main Advantages of Dr. Drum:

1) WAV format. Unlike other similar programs, DrDrum uses a WAV format (not MP3) which provides a much better sound quality.

2) Dr. Drum is intuitive and very easy to use. You do not need any special or additional knowledge to work with him.

3) This software works on Windows and Mac.

4) You do not need to buy any other additional software (such as sound card).

5) You pay only once – no additional or hidden fees. All future updates and additional materials are free of charge.

6) This product has a 16-track sequencer. This allows you to edit easily any track: Control sounds in 2 clicks; thousands of built-in sounds; the ability to create automatically and upload videos to YouTube; adjust the volume level for each track.

7) 4-octave keyboard.

8) You can add piano, guitar, synthesizer and many other instruments.

9) 12-pad drum machine.

Check out some of the awesome beats possible with this amazing software, now these are only simple samples which can be put together in minutes.

Below is the DrDrum beat player, click play on any track you would like to listen to:

Comparison with analogues:

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Official site:
 http://drdrum.com  http://dubturbo.com  http://megamusicmaker.com
Beginning of sales:
 2012-03-20  2010-04-02  2011-11-22
 $29.95  $39.95  $37
35% ($10.00)
(see above)
12,5% ($5.00)
(click here to get discount)
60-day guarantee:
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Main features:
- 44.1 stereo WAV;
- 4-oktave keyboard;
- Works on PC and Mac;
- Multiple screens for edition;
- Video tutorials;
- Copy bars with 2 clicks;
- Import your own sound in one click;
- Professional mastered sound;
- Altering high, low, mid sounds;
- Altering ‘pan effect’ on each sound track
- 8-octave keyboard;
- Panning & reverb;
- Group channels;
- Group instruments;
- Works in any big DAW;
- Stack, round Robin++;
- Low/high AMP;
- Comes with 4 VST add-ons;
- Glide& LFO settings;
- A.D.S.R rack;
- PC & Mac compatable
- Easy to use;
- High sound quality;
- Includes 3500 sounds and effects, 70 drum kits, as well as hundreds piano sets;
- You can work both online and on the computer;
- Easy drag and drop drum tracks into sequencer

Technical Features of Dr. Drum:

- Change the sound in 2 clicks;

- 16-track stereo;

- Easy adjustment of the tone of any sound;

- Import your own sounds;

- No need for MIDI cables;

- Thousands of built-in stereo;

- Change instrument with one click;

- Professional sound quality (44.1 WAV).

You also get access to video tutorials that will allow you to create professional tracks within a few hours.

Don’t be fooled by the simple interface and the ease of use of DrDrum though, it is an incredibly powerful bit of software and there are thousands upon thousands of samples you can use and change to customize your beats down to the smallest detail.

Is Dr. Drum a Scam?

DrDrum is one of the best and newest software for music making. If you are afraid of losing your money, you need to know about the warranty. So, if this product does not meet your expectations, you’re can get your money back within 2 months after purchase. Try it for only $19.95!

As you can see everything is nicely laid out with DrDrum and that means you can make beats fast, you get to chop and change things in seconds so you can perfect your beats without having to spend days on them.

Turn your laptop computer into your own online beat making machine, with the ability to make music beats anywhere you desire.  Make music on your computer when the feeling and moods hit before they escape you.  Capture and create the next great beat that will stick in people’s heads and make your music grab people’s attention and stand out, which in return will make you more recognized as you grow as an artist.






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