Although dubstep has arisen recently and is still being formed as a music genre, this music is gaining more and more popular around the world with each passing year.

The basis for creating a good dubstep track is all kinds of atmospheric and textured sounds. The use of pauses, pads and minor chords help to create a tension and express emotions.

There is no single correct method to create a dubstep track. Many of the tracks created around the dominant low-frequency elements – namely, the sub-Drums and bass.

How to make dubstep?

Dubstep can be created using different software on your PC or Mac, such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio.

But all these programs are expensive and require professional skills to work with them.

I suggest you an alternative – it is easy to use and affordable software to create dubstep: Dubturbo 2.0.

What are the advantages of Dubturbo?

A. This software is very easy to use. You do not need any special knowledge to work with Dubturbo. Several video tutorials help you to start making music within minutes.

B. This software is compatible with PC and Mac. For example, Logic Pro is compatible only with Mac.

C. Dubturbo allows you to store all your tracks in the .wav format, both at professional recording studios (44.1 Stereo 16 bit PCM. WAV format).

D. You need only your computer to work with Dubturbo – there are no need for other equipment.

E. Dubturbo’s library contains thousands of different professional sound files – you do not have to search, for example, the sound of the drum.

F. And probably the most important advantage – this is the price. Compare for yourself:

Logic Pro 9

Ableton Live 8 FL Studio 11 Dubturbo 2.0
$199.99 $549 $199.00


Click on this link and you can avail a discount to buy Dubturbo 2.0 for just $34.95:

If this software does not meet to your expectations, you can get your money back.


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