If you want to learn how to create original music beats at your PC, this article will be very interesting for you.

Dubturbo is a new software for electronic music creation (currently available in version 2.0). With DubTurbo 2.0 you can create house, hiphop, rap, R &B, soul, disco, techno, trance, dubstep, jungle, dance, modern and many other musical things ➨ ➨ ➨

You do not need to buy any expensive musical equipment that costs thousands of dollars and you do not need a recording studio. The quality of the music, created with professional equipment and music, created with Dubturbo 2.0, almost is the same, but the difference in the price is a huge!

Here you can compare for yourself the price of MPC Akai consoles (price on Amazon at this moment):

Models (new and used): Price
Akai MPC 5000 $1999
 Akai MPC 1000   $1499
 Akai MPC 2500  $1099

There are a ton of cool features of the Dubturbo beat generator software.

But here’s a few of my favorite things you can do:

• Make your own beats using royalty-free instrumentals, loops, drum samples and sounds.

• Create songs in hours using video tutorials, even if you do not know how to make beats.

• Export files as MP3s to burn DVDs and share with your family, friends or promoters.

• This beat making software lets you do everything 100% solo to showcase your talent.

• Get started with beat generation by picking a layout, tempo & genre to load the sounds.

• Use easy keyboard triggers to play and record drums on your beat maker.

• Your beat creator has a 10-pad drum machine that lets you tap in or draw in beats.

• This beat maker software brings you thousands of samples, with new ones added often.

You can compare examples of the music, created with MPC Akai and with Dubturbo Dubstep Maker:

Dubturbo 2.0:

Akai MPC 2500:

As you can see, the difference is not so significant. Also I  want to compare Dubturbo 2.0 with the same digital software:

Dudturbo 2.0 Review Dr. Drum Review BTV Solo Review
Main Features:
1. 8-octave keyboard.
2. Low/High AMP.
3. Panning & Reverb.
4. Dubturbo 2.0 uses high-quality .WAV samples.
5. It is accessible online and on your desctop.
6. You can export your sound tracks to high-quality 44.1 stereo .WAV.
7. Glide & LFO settings.
8. Group channels & instruments.
9. It has 3 screens & panels for full flexibility.
10. There are keyboard triggers and tap functions.
11. It works fine in any big DAW.
12. Compatable with Mac and PC (32x, 64x).
13. There are custom mastered sound libraries.
14. There are 16 tracks (10 drums per track).
15. You can create, copy, drag, edit, add bars on the fly.
16. You can change sounds & drum kits on the fly.
17. Dubturbo 2.0 comes with hot beats and free bonus.
1. 4-octave keyboard.
2. Professional mastered sounds.
3. 16 tracks of  high-quality stereo sound.
4. There are several thousand built-in sounds and drumbeats.
5. 12 pad drum machine: A full 12 drums per drum kit.
6. Two clicks to switch instruments.
7. No need for any MIDI cables.
8. Multiple screens for editing.
9. Import your own sound tracks with one click.
10. Overlap sounds in seconds.
11. Dr Drum works on Mac & PC.
12. You can alter low, mid, high sounds on the each track individually.
13. You can alter the ‘pan effect’ on each track.
14. You can copy bars and multiple bars in two clicks.
15. Dr Drum comes with video tutorials.
1. Import samples in .WAV or .AIFF (16 bit or 24 bit).
2. Built-in Instrument Creator and Kit Builder.
3. You can create new sound effects from scratch.
4. Advanced sample editing.
5. User-friendly navigation.
6. 1000 + professional effects, drums, strings and more.
7. 100 + built-in instruments and drum kits.
8. Built-in modulation wheels and pitch.
9. On-board quick effects (delays, flangers, old vinyl effects and other).
10. Record modes, quantize, swing & bar structures.
11. .WAV Editing & Autochop.
12.  Precise key-spanning.
Free Bonuses:
5 new VST’s for free  No  No
Free Video Trainings and Tutorials:
 Yes  Yes  Yes
60 Day Money Back Guarantee 
 Yes  Yes  Yes
24/7 Support:
Yes Yes Yes
Current Price:  
 $39.95  $29.95  $39.95
Discounted Price:
 $34.95  $19.95  $34.95
Click Here to Get Discount:
http://dubturbo.com/ http://drdrum.com/ http://btvsolo.com/

Final Conclusion:

If you want to buy an excellent software for music production, I recommend you to draw your attention to the DubTurbo. This is the best ratio of the price/quality at this moment. 

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