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Earth4Energy is the title of a well-established guidebook that addresses a very critical issue of how to slash rapidly increasing expenses of electricity.  You will learn how to inexpensively construct solar and wind powered electric generators in order to cut down or even completely do away with energy costs, all together.

One of the chief problems of homemade power has been the huge expense of obtaining and setting up a commercial system.  This can cost anywhere from $6,000 to more than $20,000, which makes the break even point in most situations take around 8 to 15 years.  On the other hand, creating your own wind turbines and solar panels can be as low as $200 for both – reimbursement taking merely a few weeks or months.

What’s Inside:

After purchasing Earth4Energy you will receive a 73-page instant download eBook that you can either read from the computer or simply print out.


    Bonus #1 – 6 step-by-step videos explaining how to construct and install solar panels

    Bonus #2 – “Make A Wind Turbine!” – Learn how to make your own wind turbines

    Bonus #3 – Free Updates For Life

Pros & Cons:

    Yearly Savings – There is a notable significance in this merchandise.  Think simply on the subject of its cost compared along with possible yearly savings – up to 80% savings for power bill.

    Thorough Explanations – Every step is explained plainly using expert illustrations instructing the steps that need to be completed.

    Green-friendly Energy – It is not just fun and reasonably simple to construct, but doing so brings more worth to your life while being considerate of the ecosystem.

    Lack Of Videos – The additional video tutorials are tremendously helpful for constructing solar panels but more videos regarding the remainder of the handbook could of been more effective.

    Lack Of Diagrams And Images – An additional weak point concerning this manual may possibly be the lack of diagrams and images.  Although, the present ones are very clean, efficient and of peak excellence, perhaps not a sufficient amount of them was given.


The overall conclusion is that even though everybody can essentially put together there own solar panels or wind turbines, it’s the people that have more experience with DIY that will benefit more from Earth4Energy faster than others with not as much mechanical abilities.







Home Made Energy Review

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