Do you grow your own vegetables? I do because I have a small gardening box in my backyard. It’s nothing fancy, all I have are some small tomato plants.

When I first came across the Food4Wealth web site, I was very intrigued with what it has to offer. The creator, Jonathan White promised to show how to grow vegetable plants via an ecological method, rather than a horticultural method.

At first I didn’t know what he meant, but after reading the web site, I slowly began to understand what Jonathan was trying to say.

I ended up buying the Food4Wealth package and decided to do a quick review of it.

Reviewing The Food 4 Wealth System

The purchase process was very easy and straight forward. I bought the Food4Wealth e-books and videos for $39.97 and I paid through my Paypal account. After the transaction, I immediately got an email to the download page.

The first thing I did was to download the videos. I was very interested on what Jonathan has to teach.

Firstly, the videos are very different. They are all in High Definition (HD) and the quality is really good. I especially love the background music because it’s very soothing. Coupled with Jonathan’s clear and crisp voice, the videos are some of the best I’ve seen so far.

The message behind Food4Wealth is to have a love affair… a love affair with nature. The system works with Mother Nature, rather than against it.

The program teaches you how to follow some of nature basic ecological system when growing vegetables in your backyard. What it does is to show you how to create a garden that looks and acts just like a living and breathing ecosystem.

Here’s one of the key ideas that I’ve learned from the Food 4 Wealth videos.

The traditional way of home gardening, what you’ll find are perfect rows of a single type of vegetable and there are lots of gaps between the plants. Those gaps or bare soil, according to Jonathan, is called “empty niche spaces”.

In nature, empty niche spaces will not be tolerated. Something will fill it up. If you have a traditional garden with rows of empty spaces, something will fill it up also. Guess what, it will be filled up with weeds! Weeds are the ultimate empty niche spaces filler.

The Food4Wealth system shows you how to create a garden without empty niche spaces hence removing the issue of weeds all together. When there are no weeds, you’ll be spending less time tending to your garden.

The way Jonathan teaches is to run your garden in full carrying capacity. You do so by building up a seed supply in the soil by allowing some of the plants to seed so there are always hundreds of seeds lying dormant in the soil.

When an empty space is created in your garden, the seeds in the soil will automatically grow to fill it up. That is how Mother Nature and the ecological system work.

There are lots of other interesting ideas I got from the Food4Wealth videos. It will take too long to write all of them. Nonetheless, I really like the videos.

I hope this Food4Wealth review is useful to you. If you want to know more about ecologically friendly home garden, click on the link below.

==> Click here to visit Food4Wealth

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