What are Hives?

Urticaria, more commonly known as hives, can be caused by both allergic reactions and non-allergic causes. Allergic reactions usually will clear up within six weeks. The non-allergic, also known as chronic urticaria, lasts longer than six weeks, and often the cause cannot be determined. Hives can be identified by raised red welts on the skin that usually itch. A hives cure is intended to relieve the itching, burning, and irritation caused by the hives until the hives clear up. There are treatments that can be applied topically, medications prescribed by a doctor, and natural remedies.


One of the benefits of a natural treatment for urticaria is the knowledge that you are not otherwise harming your body with medications that can sometimes have unpleasant, and even damaging, side-effects. By treating the unsightly hives you will free yourself of the embarrassing, itchy welts, or wheals as they are also called, that can show up pretty much anywhere on your body, even your face, arms and hands. About 20 percent of the population will at some point in their lives get hives for a variety of reasons, even stress.


Sometimes hives will clear up without any treatment. But when they don’t, then it’s time to seek a treatment. If the hives are caused by an allergic or a non-allergic reaction, the person suffering from the unpleasant symptoms will most likely want relief. For parents with young children, it can be especially hard to see their child in distress. Children can get hives for a number of different reasons, and will need a remedy to ease the symptoms. Their skin is more sensitive, and their immune systems are still immature and growing. They can even get a specific type of hive called dermagraphism that is caused by simply stroking or scratching the skin. These hives are typically long and pencil-like in nature.


There are many reasons to seek a treatment for hives, whether they are a onetime reaction, or a chronic condition. The good news is that hives are not contagious, however viral infections can sometimes cause hives and the virus could be contagious. For some people, just getting relief from the itching, burning, and irritation that often accompanies hives is enough of a reason to find a treatment. There are yet others who have tried over the counter remedies, steroids, and other remedies to no avail. This can be very frustrating and costly for these unfortunate few who have yet to find relief.


For the most part, hives are harmless, although very irritating. There is not an immediate need to find a treatment, unless there are other, more severe reactions such as: trouble breathing, swollen throat or tongue, or trouble swallowing. If any of these symptoms accompany the hives in a child or an adult, immediate treatment should be sought. With that being said, the discomfort of hives alone does not have to be ignored nor endured.

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