This is an in-depth review of Google Sniper 2:

Google Sniper System was created by George Brown. Quite a young buck if you didn’t notice. You can see more about him and access a few free videos at his blog


Anyways I emailed George for a review copy and not only was he quick to respond, but was very polite and willing to help which I appreciated. I don’t deal with punks but George SEEMS to be a pretty classy kid.


As far as the product??

Well I must say this. I hate when products claim little to no work involved after it’s setup. The site claims to get the while thing setup and running in an afternoon and then it is running on autopilot. The system is very simple, but don’t expect to bring in 15 k a month or even 2k a month without doing some leg work and some hustle hustle time.


Work turns people off so you rarely see it in a Salesletter. I give no fluff here and only want to attract hustlers and winners. Whiners LEAVE! Go back to your job and stay out of this industry. Hey I know this is just a review but cry babies cramp my MOJO and I don’t want them even on my sites. But your a Winner so read on…


The course is simple, not much filler, and easy to go over in an afternoon.


It has many videos, a process map, and the main content which is in a PDF 99 Pages long.


I went through the whole course and picked up a few ideas where I said to myself, this is good stuff ! Said with some excitement.


But to be honest, though most could benefit from this, I think it is Tailored for the following people:


Newbies (Have you made your first dollar yet? No? Your a newbie)

Have trouble formulating a plan. Google Sniper is laid out simply and well organized.

Scattered Brained. To much going on in your head which way to go? Take this and run with it.


A couple other random thoughts before I wrap up.

You can tell George is a student of Frank Kern’s Mass Control by the way he did his launch and by how his products are setup after you buy.


I get the feeling that he has a Team helping him run his G Sniper sites, which is smart, but just re-emphasizing it’s a business and not a young kid in his pajamas playing video games all day and getting filthy rich!!


He helps you in detail with how to setup your blog, which plugins you need, how to add pictures on the sidebar and such. (Once again, great for a new guy, and easy to follow)


I feel if someone could put 20 Hours a week into this, they would do really well pretty quick. (maybe quit the ole’ job?)


Overall I feel that this is a pretty good course.


For Serious Newbies a Great Course


For Veteran Marketers Not So Great


I hope this review has helped you in some way. Best of Luck to You and Take Action today toward your Dreams. Dream it. Plan it. And most importantly, Do it!

And a few more words. The official price of Google Snipper 2 is $47 (GoogleSniper 2 + Sniper X = $67). But if you are in doubt, you can try the GSniper 2 for just $1:

To be sure that I do not cheat you, here’s a screenshot of the page with payment details:

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