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My name is Lee Gardner and I have had chronic acid reflux since I was in my 40s. I have been prescribed many antacids, a number of proton pump inhibitors as well as several pain medications for my condition. What I would like to share however, is how I was cured and stayed heartburn free without all the prescriptions the doctors gave. So please read through this site for acid reflux home remedies that can change your life.


Let me share my experience:

When I was suffering from chronic heartburn I can safely say that they were one of the worst years of my life. Not only did I feel severe pain but I often felt nauseated for hours after meals. There were also episodes of burping, flatulence and belching throughout the day which proved to be embarrassing. I also could not sleep comfortably at night since my symptoms would last for hours. I have even gotten into the habit of using special wedge pillows to lessen the discomfort. I was also in the habit of trying different kinds of antacids whether over the counter or prescription liquid form or tablet in order to test which one worked the best. This was also what I did with the proton pump inhibitors, if it was not working for me or if a friend recommended I try another brand I’d ask my doctor if we could try it.


When I started using Heartburn No More’s Acid Reflux home remedies I have felt relief from my condition since day one. With prescription drugs my doctor would often tell me to be patient and that the medications took time to affect my heartburn symptoms. Heartburn no More made me feel better only hours after I started their simple 5 step method. And the symptoms kept diminishing day after day. By the time I had been continuously applying the holistic principles for 8 weeks my heartburn symptoms had already disappeared and I felt years younger!


I have not been this thrilled about a product in a while; Heartburn no More really is working! Usually when it comes to a holistic heartburn cure it generally takes more than two weeks before you observe substantial results. Heartburn no More however appears to heal at a faster rate. This stems from the developer’s explanation that due to the fact that you are trying to heal your body and eliminate the illness from more than one front the many factors that exacerbate the condition are dealt with a the same time. This results in addressing multiple aspects of the illness concurrently or at the same time instead of just on after the other. The program incorporates techniques and methods that not only ease or illuminate the immediate pain and or discomfort but at the same time it starts preventing the development of further worsening or recurrence of heartburn. This is the reason why this holistic heartburn cure is revolutionary.


In as short as a couple of hours after applying the taught methods my heartburn pain eased and the other symptoms of heartburn were greatly improved. Before the system I would often become embarrassed by the number of times I burped and pardon the expression broke wind. At the office I did not have the option to keep leaving the room every time I needed to and the situation would quickly become a source of embarrassment. I also had a hard time being productive at the office because I would often feel uncomfortable, bloated or nauseated.


When I started applying the holistic principles

like how to optimize your internal ph to help manage heartburn, effectively getting rid of my internal system blockage which allows the body to strengthen, heal and increase its immune system, and using a combination of three kinds of herbs that enhance your body’s immune mechanism and cleansing abilities to name a few, my body as a whole felt more energetic and lighter. The symptoms of heartburn have also started to become less and less serious if it even surfaces at all.  Stay tuned for my next updates. I’m sure more good news is in store for us.


I have observed that drugs and the typical heartburn treatments only work partially and temporarily. This means that even if I do drink medicine not all the symptoms are eliminated plus the fact that whatever minor relief I am able to have only lasts a couple of hours. This is why when I came across the Heartburn no More website it immediately captured my interest because the acid reflux home remedies in it are part of a holistic system that can cure an illness by making our bodies stronger and more resilient.




I have ordered Heartburn no More

and am excited to start not just the acid reflux home remedies, but also the methodical steps and techniques that according to numerous reviews have not only cured their illness but also given them a better quality of life. I have always believed that the holistic approach to curing an illness is in the long run more beneficial than drinking handfuls of tablets and pills. Medicines for the most part only seem to cover or relieve the symptoms and don’t really go into the heart of the problem to make the body itself heal.


Heartburn no More being a holistic treatment is not only composed of acid reflux home remedies like suggestions about herbal medicines, rather it is a combination of techniques. I encourage you to try this system, it has given me my life back and I know it can do the same for you.


*I am Lee a 56 year old guy from Indiana and like you I had been battling my acid reflux for some time. When I first started experiencing chronic acid reflux and was diagnosed by the doctor I tried to learn everything I could about it. It seemed like a puzzle and then 3 month ago I started using the Heartburn No More Acid Reflux system and suddenly everything I did not understand about my condition was explained. I started the holistic road to recovery and in as little as 2 months I was cured of my chronic acid reflux.


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