Probably, none of the exotic pets does not have as many charms as decorative hedgehogs. They are curious, charming and friendly. They won the sincere affection most of the people in all countries. Hedgehogs are in the tales of all nations of the world. Naturally, the children very love their.

Thanks to the efforts of breeders in the different countries, African pygmy hedgehogs have become genuine house pets to date. Since 1995 has breed more than 90 colors of decorative hedgehogs already, which are extremely popular in Europe now and are gaining in popularity in the U.S.

Hedgehogs can adapt to life in captivity pretty easy in contrast to most wild animals, and quickly get used to people. Besides, in comparison with other house pets, they never behave aggressively; hedgehogs have no specific odor, like ferrets; they are not trying to mark territories like cats. As a general rule, hedgehogs are friendly towards people and other pets. They are curious and active. You can buy this animal at the pet store. Remember that you will not be able to tame a wild hedgehog, and your efforts will not succeed—the usual wild hedgehog can not get used to the home.

Decorative hedgehog is not afraid of people; it is very sociable. He will be happy to sit on your lap, while you watch TV or read a book.

So, you decided to get a hedgehog. Congratulations, this is the right solution. But what to begin with? How to equip a house for a hedgehog, how to feed it, what to do, if it is sick? You will find answers for all these questions, as well as for many others, in the book ‘Hedgehogs as Pets: Facts and Information’.

Hedgehogs as Pets: Facts and Information Review

This is the most complete book about the hedgehogs raising. Here is a lot of info about the purchase, care, breeding, treatment of decorative hedgehogs, including a lot of UNIQUE information which you will not find anywhere else. This guide covers the raising of 14 species of hedgehogs, but the main focus is devoted to African pygmy hedgehogs, because this species is the most common as pets.

Hedgehogs as Pets: Facts and Information is an e-book in PDF format. You need to download it to your computer. You can read this book in electronic format using any PDF viewer or print it as a normal book.

In general, the care for these animals is not difficult if you have the necessary information:



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