This is my Home Made Energy Review which I thought would be useful as there’s been a huge surge in interest for alternative energy solutions recently due to escalating power costs.  Many homeowners are looking for some ways to lower their electricity bills and generate some of this power themselves.

Also, buying these alternative energy systems new can be a huge expense, so many of these same homeowners are trying to find plans on how to build one of these systems themselves.

As I found out during my Home Made Energy Review finding information on both solar and wind powered systems can be difficult and many websites only list portions of the info you need. The key is finding a website that can walk you through the process of building your own solar panel to generate the power you need.

My Home Made Energy Review

revealed their website is such a place and has all the information you are looking for in one spot.  They offer tutorials on the science behind solar power to help you get a complete understanding how these systems work.  There’s a lot of detail on the Home Made Energy website about what type of fuel is currently being used to generate the power we need and when you see this, you will better understand why we need to move to renewable sources quickly.

They also have manuals available that give you the details you are after on how to build a solar power system from scratch. These manuals are very well illustrated and show you every step needed for the assembly of a working solar panel.

You can build one of these solar panels for less than 200 dollars if you bought all the parts you needed. The truth is that many of the parts are very common and you may have them around the house or be able to buy them locally for very little money.

This can help you to save more money on building your solar panel. The manuals also list suppliers that sell any additional parts you may need for the project and many of these distributors sell these parts at a steep discount. Building a solar panel from scratch using one of the manuals on the HomeMadeEnergy.org is a fun project. It is also a really great way to teach your kids about alternative energy choices.

Another nice thing I found out

during my Home Made Energy Review is that on the website they illustrate several case studies of projects that other customers have completed using the manuals on the site. This can help you get a good idea of what’s possible with these systems and how much power you can expect from the system you are building. These testimonials give really good details about the specific projects and how the completed project was used.

In addition to the manuals available on the HomeMadeEnergy.org that detail the benefits of solar power, there are also a series of tutorials on wind power as well. Many homeowners will build both of these alternative energy systems to add to their home and generate even more power. The plans for the wind turbines will enable you to build a working system for less than 100 do that can be used to generate electricity for your home.

Using the information offered on the HomeMadeEnergy.org can help you build both of these systems and save thousands of dollars on your alternative energy system. You will also have the pride that comes with building it your self and helping the our planet at the same time.





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