366 g of coconut oil

1424 g of canola oil

400 g of potassium hydroxide

1204 g of water

When you add potassium hydroxide in the water, you can hear the hiss, do not worry, it is normal.

Be sure to wear gloves when you mix lye and water, because the resulting steam can cause allergies.

How to Make a Liquid Soap:

1) Heat up the water on the water bath.

2) Heat up the mix, fats and oils with an alkaline solution: the temperature of oil should be equal to 70C, and a mixture of water and potassium – 60C. The mixture should be brought to thickening; it will take quite some time, even when using the blender. The soap mixture will pass through several stages before it thickens. Perhaps it will delaminate, but that’s okay – just keep mixing.

3) It is not all. The mixture should be thicker than on this photo. If you stop now, the soap can exfoliate.

4) And here is the soap before it begins to grow in volume. Now you need to cool the walls of the pan and soap mass falls to the original volume.

5) Now put the soap on a water bath. Every 20 minutes check to see if the soap is not stratified. If it is stratified, in this case, the soap must be well mixed. Tip: try to keep the temperature 70C.

6) Boil the soap on a water bath for about 3 hours. Once the soap has become translucent, boil it to simmer for another hour.

7) Dilute the soap with water. Add the soap in a saucepan with 4820 ml of water.

8) Heat up the water to simmer, then turn it off and leave overnight.

9) The soap shall be covered with a lid. Soap should not be too hot. Add a converter: 56 g of borax, 112 g of water. Heat up the mixture of water and borax in the microwave to completely dissolving. Make it is harder than it seems at first glance. Borax is soluble only in very hot and starts to harden again when cooled. The solution should be transparent.

10) When you add flavors, soap may be muddy, but when cooled, it becomes transparent.

11) Next you need to add polysorbate, and soap gradually becomes transparent.

12) And here is the final product. I added a drop of green food coloring and flavoring. The next day, the soap has become crystal clear and wonderful smell.

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