You are tired of paying big bucks for cable TV, and you want to give it up? But how to get access to your favorite TV shows, sport channels, etc.? The answer is ISatelliteLink.

This is a completely new way to watch TV.

You do not need any cables, satellite dishes, receivers for television viewing. All you have to – it’s your home computer or laptop. For little money you will have access to thousands of different TV channels to suit all tastes. You do not need any additional equipment or the help of experts.

With ISatelliteLink you can view 3600 channels already in few minutes after registration. Just download the needed software and install it on your computer.

Features of this product:

- 3600 TV channels in the highest quality available anywhere in the world;

- You pay for the registration only once – no more additional or hidden charges;

- You can download DVD movies quite legally;

- Constant renewal and addition of the list with available channels;

- You can view the TV channels not only in English, but also in many other languages.

A short list of categories available in ISatelliteLink:

- News channels;

- Sports channels;

- Movie channels;

- Entertainment channels;

- Business channels;

- Music channels;

- TV shows;

- Cartoon channels.

You will also receive streaming video downloader that allows you to download any movie or TV show, as well as universal video converter.

What are the advantages of ISatelliteLink compared to cable TV?

A. The first and the most important advantage is the price. Compare for yourself:

The average cost of cable television in the U.S. is 78.63 dollars (source) and it continues to grow (jumped 7.2% in the past year).

Now let’s calculate: ($78.63 * 12) – $39.95 (price of ISatelliteLink) = $903.61 – this is the amount that you can save just in one year! You can spend this money for other purposes.

B. The average number of channels in cable television is 118.6 (source). ISatelliteLink will give you access to more than 3600 channels in the highest quality.

C. You do not need any cables, receivers, help of specialists, etc. All you have to – it is the basic computer skills.

You can contact the support of ISatelliteLink for all your questions at any time. The developer provides a 2-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Download process of the iSatellite Link software is very easy and installation is really straightforward. iSatellite Link doesn’t need any large files, so the software don’t take too much space on your harddrive. By the way, large files can sometimes means suspicious adware that could harm your PC. We have scanned this software thoroughly with our registered version of the PC antivirus software (eSet) and iSatellite Link is 100% virus clean. Our spyware blockers doesn’t find any suspicious activities on the iSatellite Link and Movies Capital networks.

You can also compare ISatelliteLink with similar products:

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A Number of the Channels:
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 $39.95  $49.95  $44.95

Short FAQ:

1. Is ISatelliteLink completely legal?

Yes, this product meets all requirements of copyright protection in accordance with U.S. law.

2. Do I need a super-fast Internet connection?

If your Internet connection allows you easily view the video, for example, on YouTube, it will be enough.

3. What are the system requirements for ISatelliteLink installing?

For the installation and the correct work of ISatelliteLink you need only:

- Internet Explorer 6 or >;

- Windows Media Player 9 or >;

- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2.

Install these packages first (if they still have not yet installed) and then – ISatelliteLink software.

Finally, iSatellite Link put up a test period where you can have a free trial. If you don’t wish to keep it; you can can a full refund within 60 days! But so far we really think we’ll keep it. I mean the software is really good so far, in fact way better than any comparable product.


So, do not waste a time and join thousands of satisfied users of ISatelliteLink:


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