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Magic Submitter Review

Now that MagicSubmitter has arrived, the old days of milking the same Web 2.0 properties are over!

With Magic Submitter, you can still hit all your old favorites as these are built right into the program:

But the most powerful aspect of the program is in its designer function. Now imagine, instead of using all the Web 2.0 properties everyone else has been using for backlinks, you can venture out into completely new territories where you aren’t competing with tens of thousands of outbound links. With Magic Submitter, you can automate any website you come across:

Social Networks + Web 2.0 Properties:


Article Submit Auto vs. Magic Submitter – Which is better?

MagicSubmitter had me taken care of in terms of article submission. But I heard about another tool that went somehow undetected beneath my radar: Article Submit Auto. What struck me about ArticleSubmitAuto is that it was based on the wordpress platform so there wasn’t anything new to learn:

Also impressive is the fact that they will notify you what happened when a submission doesn’t go through. Usually with article submission software, if the article doesn’t go through then there really isn’t any chance of correcting it because you’re never notified in the first place. Article Submit Auto also supports profiles, which is great for keeping things organized. If you have too many pen names in too many niches, that gets to be an organizational mess. What I really like is that it will auto fill the categories based on your template, a system that MagicSubmitter also uses.


So it passes the usability / user friendliness test, but what I really like about it is the sites it has chosen to use. As you probably already know, not all sites are worth submitting your article to. What ArticleSubmitAuto does is just give you the thirty odd sites that will give you the most benefit. If you have a look over their submission list, it has all the consensus sites that people usually want to submit their articles to. You may not want to submit a spun article to Ezinearticles, but you can uncheck it, do an article submission for the other directories, and then come back and only check Ezinearticles to submit a unique copy for them in order to satisfy their censors. It’s summer time in Green Bay so maybe they’ll be in a good mood, though I still wouldn’t submit spun content to them. So what sites are we talking about then? Take a look at the top 18 article directories that Article Submit Auto submits to:

Magic Submitter has 13 of these 18 sites. Of those 18, these are the ones that are in Article Submit Auto but not in Magic Submitter: PR5 PR5 PR5 PR4 PR4


Here’s the submitter screenshot from the Article Submit Auto site (this lists only 29 of the sites – there’s inevitable adding and dropping of article directories once submission becomes too error prone, or PageRank changes). The sites with red checkmarks are those that are also in Magic Submitter. The ones highlighted yellow are only in ArticleSubmitAuto:

Of the sites that are advertised to be in Article Submit Auto but that aren’t listed in the graphic above, MagicSubmitter also submits to these directories: PR3 PR 5


Of the article directories not shown in the graphic above but purported to be in ArticleSubmitAuto, Magic Submitter is missing these: PR2 PR3 PR3 PR5 PR5 PR4 PR4


There are some that Magic Submitter has that Article Submit Auto doesn’t have (Buzzle & Bukisa to name two). In total, Magic Submitter has 27 article directories, almost all PR4 and above.


ArticleSubmitAuto has 33 article directories – 21 PR4 and above, 7 PR3 and a few PR2.


Article Submit Auto looks like a truly set and forget article submission system so I’m going to test it out. See for yourself below:


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