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What is a “Model Trains for Beginners”?

“Model Trains for Beginners” is an e-book in PDF format for anyone who wants to know:

- How to quickly and easily make model trains;

- How to avoid mistakes, made by beginners;

- How to create realistic, but at the same time, functional model trains;

- How to quickly and easily correct the flaws and mistakes.

This book contains unique and useful information for anyone who likes to create models of trains.

Advantages of

1. This is the most complete guide for anyone who likes to create models of trains.

2. The book contains many practical tips that you will not find anywhere else.

3. This is an e-book in PDF, which can be read directly with the computer. But you can also print it on the printer and read like an ordinary book.

4. You can always use a two-month warranty and get your money back.


Comparison with Analogues

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 Dan Morgan  Robert Anderson
Activate date:
2009-01-30  2005-06-06  2002-12-13
 $27  $39.97  $27
Main features:
An e-book about:
- How to choose and create an excellent model trains;
- What you need to buy and how to save your money;
- What mistakes should be avoided;
- How to make your layouts realistic;
- How to create the scenery: stones, trees, grass, etc.;
- All you need to know about the repair;
- The creation of realistic grass;
- And much more.
 This is a 153-page e-book about:
- How to start;
- How to plan your layouts;
- How to make realistic models;
- All you need to know about locomotives;
- Powering of your layouts;
- How to build scenery;
- How to solve problems with the tracks;
- Maintenance and repair of your models;
- Technical help.
Unlimited access to variety resources and tutorials:
First month:
- Three introductory videos;
- How to plan your layout;
- Train operation videos;
- Scenery tutorials;
- Product reviews.
Second month:
- Model train tips;
- Maintenance tutorials;
- Correction of problems;
- Answers to questions.
Third month:
- Wiring tutorials;
- Trackwork tutorials;
- How to make rivers, scenery and trees;
- Train maintenance;
- Structures tutorials.
Free bonuses:
 1. How to save money (model trains is not a cheap hobby).
2. How to make models look old and realistic (weathering of locomotives, stones, buildings).
3. Quick start guide for newbies.
4. Mistakes, which make beginners and how to avoid them.
5. Glossary of terms.
6. Free monthly access to the insiders club.
 1. Excellent list of model train resources: Huge lists of books, magazines and websites that will helps elevate your skills and knowledge to the next level.
2. Video tutorials: Free monthly access to 8 of 42 video lessons (optional bonus).
3. How to use the airbrush for weathering trains and buildings.
4. Secrets of the railroad and the surrounding landscape creation.
5. 22 ready-made layout as well as step-by-step instructions.
6. Models of the depot with step-by-step instructions and diagrams.
 1. All about creating layouts.
2. How to create mobile layouts.
3. 110 model trains useful tips.
4. Free video tutorials.
60-day warranty:
 yes  yes  yes

Is “Model Trains for Beginners” a scam?

My answer – it is not scam. This is really good and useful product for anyone, whose hobby is a creating model trains. In addition, I advise you to draw your attention to “Model Train Help”, because this product is not inferior to


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