Good afternoon. If you are interested in a good set of model boats plans, this article will be very useful for you.

Here you can now quickly download a treasure trove of boat plans. Includes the expert knowledge you need for building a boat with illustrations, step by step instructions, complete blue print and list of required building material as well as tools. Get some insider’s secret’s on professional boat building and learn how to make money designing your own boats.

So, I wish to compare here the two most popular boat plans packages: My Boat Plans and Plans4Boats. This will help you to make the right choice, based on your personal needs.

In addition to these two products I’ve added Dory Plans Review to make this article more complete and informative.

(Regular Price is $67)

So, let’s go:

A man named Martin Reid has been making a great living building boats for over 20 years now. Martin Reid is the brainchild behind these fully illustrated 518 detailed boat plans. He is a walking library and school of boat design with knowledge that was passed on through many generations from his ancestors.

Martin can tell you how to build the type of wooden boats that traveled the open seas of Denmark centuries ago. This is the most comprehensive set of boat building plans available anywhere. If you are want to do it right this is the place to get the professional “do it yourself” boat designs.

My Boat Plans Review Plans 4 Boats Review Dory Plans Review
Official site
 Martin Reid  Daniel Holden Dory Banker
Number of plans
518 254 16
Beginning of sales
2011-07-13 2009-10-16 2005-03-22
 $67  $49  $49.99
Yes. See above No No
Cost of one plan
 $0,13  $0,19  $3,12
Additional materials & Bonuses

1) 3D Boat Design Software You can create or modify your own boat design using CAD software (easy to use; free templates; multi-license; free updates).

2) Step-by-step Boat Building Guide (600 pages & illustrations, including many original tips and tricks).

3) Boat Building Secrets Book: Practical tips for boat building.

4) Boat Safety Regulations Guide: Regulations and boating safety tips.

5) SPECIAL BONUS: Free access to Q&A forum.

1) Professional 3D Boat Design software (easy-to-setup, easy-to-use; multi-pc license; free lifetime updates).

2) 14 e-books, containing thousands of tips for boats building (ideas and tips for beginners and professionals; variety of construction techniques; hundreds Q&A).

3) In-Depth analysis of the 107 boat designs.

4) Boat Builder’s Handbook (boating safety tips and other information).

You will get the second set of Dory Plans for free.


1) My Boat Plans includes materials for all types of boats (25 sections – from “Cabin Cruisers” to “Wooden Boats”)

2) Each plan located in the relevant section (it is very convenience)

3) My Boat Plans contains 40 video about boat building

4) Your level of knowledge or skills does not matter – even if you are a beginner in this business, after some time you will be able to build your own boat

5) All materials are available in book form and on DVD-ROM

1) Your skill level does not matter

2) Plans4Boats contains plans for all types of boats

3) All materials are available on DVD-ROM

Developer can send (for free) one chapter of his Dory Plans package to your email box, and you can verify the quality of this product personally.
 No trial version  No trial version A small number of plans, the high price of the product
60-day guarantee
Yes Yes Yes
My conclusion
I can responsibly say that My Boat Plans is the best choice for those who are occupied in (or wants to do) boat building. A huge database of plans, many additional materials do not leave any chances to competitors. Every dollar, spent to My Boat Plans purchase, will bring you a multiple benefits. My choice number two is Plans4Boats. This product does not differ in the quality of the main competitor and contains many plans and additional materials. But as you can see, the number of plans in this packet is two times less than in the My Boat Plans. In addition, My Boat Plans contains more useful materials – video, access to the members forum. But at the same time, the price of Plans4Boats is at $ 18 below. So, if you care for savings, you can draw your attention to Plans4Boats. Personally, I did not like this product. He clearly losing against its competitors – too little choice, no useful additional materials. $ 50 – it’s too much. For $ 10 maybe I would have bought it (to expand my knowlege). But this is only my personal opinion.

If you decided to opt for plywood boat plans as your way to launch your marine voyage, you will want to invest in a some high quality plans that will help you design and execute the best boat for your needs and budget. It’s true that there are many designs that you can get for free but in many cases they will not be detailed and step by step enough for you, especially if you are a beginner boatbuilder.

Here’s a great resource for you – you’ll get instant access to hundreds of boat plans to choose from, accompanied with high-quality blueprints and step-by-step instructions.

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