In this article I want to review all advantages and disadvantages of “My Shed Plans” – popular package of 12 000 woodworking plans and projects.

I would like to note that one of the most attractive features of this product is the low price.

I want compare the price of MyShedPlans with prices of the more popular analogues in the table below:

My Shed Plans Ted’s Woodworking Furniture Craft Plans Woodworking4Home

my shed plans revie

teds woodworking plans furniture craft plans woodworking 4 home
 $37  $67  $77 $49
Number of projects:
12 000 16 000 9 000 14 000
Cost of one project:
$0,0031 $0,0042 $0,0086 $0,0035
27% 30% No 20%
Discount price:
$27 $47 - $39
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shed plans reviewWhat is My Shed Plans Elite?

My Shed Plans is a package that includes 12,000 of different woodworking plans and projects, which can satisfies the needs of both novice and real professionals.

This product was created by Ryan Henderson, who is engaged in woodworking for over 20 years.

Features of My Shed Plans Elite:

- Contains projects at various levels of complexity – from small wooden housings, to large sheds;

- Your skills level does not matter;

- MyShedPlans contains detailed drawings and diagrams with color illustrations and a full description of each process;

- Contains a list of materials and tools that are needed in your work. This will help you to avoid of unnecessary costs;

- Contains a course for those, who are just beginning.

Pros $ Cons

MyShedPlans has several pros at my opinion:

- The most important positive thing – it is the price. As we have seen, the cost of one project in this package is the lowest in comparison with analogues. If you are trying to economize your money, the low price is a powerful argument;

- You do not need to be super – professional in woodworking to implement these projects. Begin your work with the easiest projects and move to more complex. Special guide for beginners will help you with this;

- All materials are located in the relevant thematic sections. It’s very convenient!shed plan

- Ryan Henderson provides excellent support – you can get the answer for any question by e-mail.

The main drawback: If you are a professional with years of experience and extensive knowledge in the woodworking, many bonus materials will be uninteresting for you.

Is My Shed Plans a Scam?

If you are still in doubt, you should to know that Ryan Henderson provides a 60-day warranty on this product: you can reclaim your money within 2 months after purchase.

My Conclusion:

If you are interested to get a huge base of woodworking plans and projects with detailed diagrams and instructions, and you do not like throwing your money away, I suggest you to buy My Shed Plans Elite. This package will be an inexhaustible source of new ideas and projects for you.

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