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Paleo Cookbook has a flaw. I’ll uncover it in this exclusive review

Paleo Cookbook consists of:

    2 Main Ebooks – “Recipes for the The XXIst Century Hunter Gatherer” as well as “Paleo Eating for Modern People”. These contain about 375 Recipes

    30 Day Paleo Meal Plan to get you started right away


Having put this recipe book to the test, we were quite surprised at the large variety of meals on offer. Not just main meat dishes, but also desserts, a few soups and even ethnic dishes. Nikki claims there is enough in there for even a 7 course meal, which is not something you would expect from a diet plan!


Speaking personally I must be honest that I do enjoy my food, particularly meat dishes. I gave Cookbook a try for 5 days and I was surprised at how little I had to change my diet. Sure I had to cut out the potato chips and the Tabasco sauce, but I didn’t have to substitute my meat dishes for lettuce as is often the case with diets. I also found myself feeling a lot healthier with more energy. According to Nikki this is normal.


Paleo Cookbook does make the long, tedious and difficult task of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle a whole lot easier but…


Paleo Cookbook is NOT complete!


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You will get access to 4 exclusive guides that are crucial to your success with PaleoCookbook, and will prevent you from getting stuck in a maze with no answers to your questions. These are not the usual poor quality e-books you will find all over the internet. They are unique and have been specially written to fully complement Paleo Cookbook.


Bonus #1:

Paleo Guide To Getting Started


Bonus #2:

Eating Out Guide


Bonus #3:

Paleo Food Guide

Bonus #4:

4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook


All these bonuses are meant to help you out in every possible way to guarantee your success with Cookbook. Without these bonuses be prepared for a long and painful journey trying to make Paleo Cookbook work.


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Try for free some Paleo recipes:

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