This is a product review of the Plans 4 Boats e-book written by Daniel Holden.  This book provides detailed blueprints to build your own boat.  This review will answer some questions you may have about this product.

What is Plans 4 Boats?

Plans 4 Boats is an electronic book that provides detailed plans to build your own boat.  This book was written by Daniel Holden.  Daniel Holden has 20 years of boat building experience.  The main product includes 254 boat plans that include boats of all types and sizes.   The step-by-step instructions are clearly outlined and illustrated to help you build your own boat.  Holden also outlines the materials and tools needed to complete your project.  He also offers shop safety advice for those who are not experienced in woodworking.

What Type of Boats are Included?

Cabin Cruisers; Dinghys, Canoes, Dorys, Skiffs; Ski Boats; Duck Boats; Runabout Inboard; Paddle Boats, Row Boats, Fishing Boats; Runabout Outboards; Jon Boats; Kayaks; Sloops and more.

What are the Benefits of the Plans 4 Boats E-book?

This book is beneficial for those who want to get into boat building as a hobby or just want to build their own boat.

If you decide to build, your costs would only include the cost of materials, any tools you may need to purchase, and a few hours of your time.

This product offers step by step instructions that are clearly illustrated.  This is beneficial if you have little boat building experience but decided to build your own.

There are 254 boat plans to choose.  With this many options, it is highly probable that you will find the right plan to fit your needs and situation.

What Do I Get with This Package?

254 Boat Plans Instantly downloadable step-by-step plans to build your own boat regardless of size or type

Bonus #1

3D Design Software to help you design your boat


14 E-books uncovering boat building secrets


Review of 107 boat designs


Handbook that discusses boating regulations and boat safety

Optional DVD If you prefer DVDs over e-books, you can get the DVD version at an additional cost



This E-book is a great guide for those who are skilled in woodworking or other DIY projects.  The 254 boat plans and bonuses make this product a great value.  If you always wanted a boat but can’t afford a factory made boat, this guide can make owning your own boat possible.  The one thing I disagree with, however, is the claim that a beginner can easily build their own boat.  I do not doubt that they can follow the plans in this book and produce a nice boat.  But, I do doubt the quality of the craftsmanship of an inexperienced woodworker.  You will eventually take your finished product out into the water. I would advise to make sure your boat is safe, especially if you are inexperienced.  Aside from that, this is a great product with great value.


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