Every true artist wants to learn to draw a realistic and impressive portrait. But it is very difficult. How to draw people faces? Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Course is the answer.

What is Pencil Portrait Mastery Course exactly?

This is a set of lessons how to draw realistic portraits. The course consists of 5 parts, 208 pages and 605 illustrations. Each lesson is an eBook in pdf format. A set of lessons is as following:

1. How to draw realistic eyes. Eyes are the hardest part of the each portrait – you will never be able to draw realistic portraits, if you do not learn how to draw eyes. With this tutorial you will be learn step-by-step how to pass the depth of emotions and feelings of the human eye.

2. How to draw a human nose. The nose is the central part of the portrait. The second lesson is entirely devoted to this important part of the face.

3. How to draw realistic human mouth. I believe that correctly drawn mouth and lips – this is 50 percent of the success. Do you remember the Mona Lisa with her mysterious smile that has brought worldwide fame and popularity to the author?

4. The fourth lesson – how to draw the ear. You know that the pinna of each person (as well as fingerprints) is unique?

5. The fifth lesson – how to draw the hair. Many artists have trouble when drawing the hair, so you need to pay special attention to this lesson.


What are advantages of Pencil Portrait Mastery Course?

A. Portrait Mastery Course contains all necessary information for those, who wish learn how to draw realistic portraits.

B. The author of this course, Christopher Sia is a well-known artist with many years of experience. Author shares his own secrets and describes the most common mistakes in this mastery course. Why repeat mistakes of others? It is better to avoid them.

C. Free lifetime updates. You need to pay for this course only one time – no other monthly or hidden payments.

D. Price. In my opinion, Pencil Portrait Course is the best price/quality ratio. The cost of other similar products has described below. Compare them yourself:

Realistic Pencil Portrait Course review Draw People Step by Step review Learning2Draw Review
Official site:
 http://pencilportraitmastery.com  http://www.drawpeoplestepbystep.com  http://learning2draw.com
 Christopher Sia  Taylor Roy  Todd Harris
Contact e-mail:
christophersia@pencilportraitmastery.com support@drawpeoplestepbystep.com info@learning2draw.com
Beginning of sales:
 2010-12-12  2011-07-27  2010-02-09
 $47  $77  $27
Short description:
There are 5 lessons (ebooks in PDF; 208 pages and 605 illustrations in total) Here are 6 lessons (e-books in PDF format) as well as video tutorials (3 hours). Especially interesting is the lesson № 6 – Understanding of the expression This is ebook in PDF
Free bonuses:
There are 3 free bonuses. I am interested in step-by-step process maps as well as a rough plan of training for up to 12 weeks There are two free bonuses in the package Developers propose to your attention 5 free bonuses
60-day guarantee:
 yes  yes  yes
My conclusion:
This is the best price/quality ratio This is the most complete guide in my opinion This is not my choice – too little information


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