Creating your own green energy at home is many peoples ambition – by doing so you’re not only saving the planet, but also reducing those all important energy bills! I’m often asked what is the best way to go about doing this and obviously producing energy from wind power at home is a great place to start.


There are so many products on the internet which offer designs, plans and instructions for building your own green energy system. But which offers the best value for money and great advice? Well- over the last few days I have been searching the internet, sorting through all the garbage to discover my top 3 “Complete Guides” to save energy. Have a look:


#3 – Home Made Energy Review 

A highly regarded product that offers detailed instructions to build both solar panels and wind turbines at home. It includes some multimedia content. However, It did not have quite as much to offer as the next two courses. If you want to get more info about  Home Made Energy, click here.


#2 – Green DIY Energy Review

GreenDIYEnergy is a great resource which offers you so much for the price. This course offers all of the following:


    1. Intro Guide;

    2. Step-by-step build instructions, including 1hrs worth of build video;

    3. Wind Map resource;

    4. Wind Tax credits and rebates guide;

    5. Added Renewable energy ebook;

    6. DIY Solar panel course + instructional videos.


It was a hard choice between 1st and 2nd place, but I was completly shocked at the amount of detail the next product gives you for such a reasonable price…


Learn more about Green DIY Energy:


#1- Earth4Energy Review

Earth4Energy, not only gives you much of what the previous solution gave but the attention to detail this product shows in every stage of the build process is unbelievable. They clearly layout the tools required, safety considerations, planning, build instructions and so much more. This product is packed with features and the videos are great.


That is why I would recommend Earth4Energy it is not as difficult as you might think, if you can put together a wardrobe or cupboard then you can do this. All you do is watch videos and follow the instructions at your own speed.


Go to Earth4Energy official site:


The benefits of using a renewable energy guide are:

A. You will find out where to get the materials needed for a solar panel or wind turbine at an extremely affordable price.


B. You will save money on your monthly energy bill.


C. You can go at your own speed – reading the instructions or watching tutorials allows all levels of experience progress as quick or slow as they want.


D. It’s an environmentally friendly solution – solar panels and wind turbines have no harmful byproducts such as toxic fumes, radiation or any waste.


E. It’s about 100 times cheaper to go the DIY route, hiring a company to install your solar panels can cost 1000’s of dollar$$$.

F. If you want a renewable energy guide then I would recommend you go to Earth4Energy DIY Kits and see what they have to offer.

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