Do you like a Star Wars The Old Republic game? Are you looking for a good guide to achieve high results in the game? Then SWTOR Saviour Guide is exactly for you.

What is SWTOR Saviour?

SWTOR-Saviour is the most complete and most popular guide for the Star Wars The Old Republic MMORG game, which you can find on the Internet. Why? This guide contains tips for ALL THE LEVELS – from 1 to 50th for ALL THE CLASSES for EACH CHARACTER in a simple and easy to understand form.

You will learn about all the pros and cons of a particular strategy for each character and can develop your own style of play, regardless of whether you want to play for the Sith or Jedi. With SWTOR Saviour you will achieve good results in just a few days.

So, SWTOR Saviour is:

SWTOR Leveling Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic unite millions of gamers worldwide. Many gamers have great difficulty after reaching a certain level of play as well as building their own gaming strategy. With this guide you will learn how to pass each level – from 1 to 50 with the least amount of time – you can get to level 50 in just 4 days!

SWTOR Classes Guide

You can get builds for ALL classes. You also get a complete overview of each class, including all known advantages and disadvantages. At level 10 you can choose, what skills you want get in its class. You will be able to develop your own style, create your own character, regardless of what class you choose.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Gear:

SWTOR Crafting Guide

You’ll be able to get all necessary skills that will help you to achieve the desired results lot faster. You can get:
– Gathering skills (for example, how to find the best weapon);
– Crafting skills (selection of armor, medical supplies);
– Mission skills (Treasure Hunting, Diplomacy, Investigation);
– Master PVP (The best items in PVP);
– Commendation Rewards (how to get them all);
– Credit Guide (how to earn credits and buy anything in the game);
– Professions Guides (how to get any profession in the game);
– You will receive detailed colored maps with the shortest routes.

SWTOR Artifice Guide

You will learn the most interesting tricks that can help you leave far behind all of your opponents, because Saviour Guide was designed by professionals, who went through all 50 levels and know the game as their five fingers.

You can also get two extra bonus – Galactic Trade Network Guide (how to buy and sell weapons, armor, etc. as well as how to get the most out of your character; you can return the money, spent on guide purchasing and will be able to earn even more) and PVP Dominator.

Below is the table with a description of all advantages of this guide:

The advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Saviour – this is the most complete SWTOR Guide. As I wrote above, it includes tips for all levels of all classes. This guide is updated constantly and supplemented by new useful information.

The main drawback, in my opinion – it is the absence of the trial version.

Is SWTOR Saviour a Scam?

Saviour Guide does not contain any cheats or hacks, because of which you may be banned. As proof that this guide is not a scam, you can view live video on the official website.

Developers of SWTOR Saviour update and supplement the results of their work constantly. For example, new options became available for users: high-quality video – 1080 HD, VIP forum.

VIP forum – it is:
– DAILY updates;
– Interactive communication with other forum members (currently over 800);
– Forming your own guild of gamers;
– 24/7/31/365 support (15 consultants are available to answer all your questions at any time).

And all this is included in the price of the guide.

For those who still have doubts about the necessity of this guide, there is interesting news: at the moment there are special discounts. Learn all details of discounts on the official site in the section “Questions and Answers” and you can make sure that Saviour Guide is the best guide for SWTOR.

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