Warning: Tacfit Commando isn’t for the weak of heath, you’ll be pushed; you will want to give up; most of you will, but for the few that have that strong inner drive, read on.


When you go to the gym does your mouth get more of a workout than any other part of your body? Or is flexing in the mirror your main exercise? Tacfit Commando then may not be for you, unless of course you are sick of seeing 0 improvement.


Tacfit Commando has been adopted by the Israeli Special Forces, US Military and many Fire and Police Departments across the world. What have so many real life heroes realized about fitness that the average gym go-er has not?


Real Life Heroes are trained under strenuous conditions to teach their mind and body to work as one. This is done by pushing themselves to their own personal limit every workout. Once taught how to deal with high stress situation their mind stays clear and body reacts instantly to what its told to do in any situation thrown at it, this is why special forces train with Tacfit Commando.


What does this mean for you? It means that when your boss gives you an impossible assignment to do you will be able to deal with the stress most people break under. When your friends want to go play some basketball, your body will be able to deal with all the movements it requires…Mr. Rolling of the ankle will just have to destroy someone elses ability to walk.


By training like and having the body of a real life hero, you will be prepared to handle EVERY situation thrown at you, from playing with your kids(may I add impressing them with everything you are now capable of) to giving your trash talking friend some serious competition in their sport of choice. Just make sure you don’t introduce your friends to Tacfit Commando because it is fun being at the top of the physical food chain.


Even though you may not be a hero on the level of the Special forces, you will definitely be a hero to your kids and admired by all of your friends.


Pros and Cons of Tacfit Commando



    1. Bodyweight

    2. No gym required

    3. Quick and efficient workouts

    4. Trains the body as one muscle preventing injuries

    5. 9 Months of workouts for constant muscle confusion




    1. If your goal is to add on a lot of muscle it won’t happen

    2. You will have trouble socializing with others when the workout starts(sorry chatty Kathy, your going to have to wait to talk to me about how you don’t see any results spending an hour on the elliptical)

    3. People will start to become increasingly jealous of your new abilities and may even start to resent the new improved you


Final Verdict:  A -



Tacfit Commando Download

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