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Name: The Tao of Badass

Format: PDF file

Author: Joshua Pellicer

Release date: 2010-10-08

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The Tao of Badass short review:

This is a step by step guide for men that contains all the secrets of behavior with a woman. If you are insecure, reticent man and you do not know how to meet a girl, this guide will helps to conquer your fears and complexes and become the self-confident man.

Today, many young people can not find a girl; they do not know how to start dating, what to tell a woman, how to please her. With the help of The Tao of Bad Ass you will understand that appearance is not important, on the contrary, many women do not like mushy and cute boys.

You will realize that the most important thing – it’s the internal state and your mood.

Here are some interesting things from this guide:

Page 14: Why really women like wealthy men? How to simulate it, even if you’re an ordinary guy with average income?

Page 17: How to make it clear to the woman that you are the man, which she had sought so long.

Page 87: How to buy a drink for woman and start in this case a flirt.

Page 114: Ten conclusive evidence that you are pleasant to the woman, even if she tells you all sorts of nasty things in the face.

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