teds-woodworking-discountIf you`re a woodworking enthusiast, you should definitely check out Ted Mcgrath’s woodworking project web site.

Ted has been a carpenter for 15 years and throughout his experience, it has been a challenge to find good quality woodworking project blueprints. He has spent ton of time but most of the plans were incomplete and left more questions than answers.

That has led him to create his own woodworking package and he spent the last two years searching, sourcing and compiling the best woodworking project plans he could find from both the online and offline media.

How many plans did Ted gathered? If was a whopping 16,000 carpentry blueprints in over 100 different categories! You can see Ted’s Woodworking plans at http://www.tedswoodworking.com/.

When you visit Ted’s website, you’ll see his work has received the prestigious Fine Woodworking Standard Reader’s Choice Award for the year 2009. It is an amazing accolade and no other carpentry web site has achieved that award.

As a woodworking enthusiast himself, Ted understands what kind of information is needed in a good project plan. For a carpentry hobbyist, what’s required are easy step by step instructions which cover from head to toe. The schematics should also include a comprehensive material list which will help the woodworker to work out an estimated budget.

Ted’s woodworking site has been created to cater for everyone. You can be a beginner or an advanced woodworker, nonetheless, the blueprints will suit all of your needs.

Bonuses From Ted

As a sweetener, Ted has included 3 special time-limited bonuses. When you order Ted’s carpentry project plans, you will also receive:

Need more help for you woodworking project? If you do, you will get 150 premium woodworking videos hosted by veteran professional woodworkers valued at $77 as the second bonus.

teds-woodworking-discountThe final bonus you will get by subscribing to Ted’s woodworking site is the Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guide. The book is valued at $39 and you will get it for free.

Ted’s Woodworking Site Review Conclusion

So, is Ted Mcgrath woodworking package worth your money? In my opinion, I think it`s very hard to find another package which will offer to you up to 16,000 project blueprints. Just image how much $$$ you will save by not having to subscribe to carpentry magazines or books just to get the woodworking plans.

As an added value, Ted has also offered his personal guarantee on all of his plans. If you`re not happy with his blueprints, you can ask for refund within 60 days from your purchases date. You literally have no risk.


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