What is a IBS:

Doctors don’t know what is behind the reaction that your body experiences that causes irritable bowel syndrome, many realize the importance of finding success in treating it. One way for them to do this is to monitor the triggers that are often behind the condition. The mechanics behind irritable bowel syndrome are often not understood by doctors. They don’t know what is happening within your body that causes these reactions, but they do know that there are certain things that seem to trigger an IBS episode. By understanding what these triggers are, you can often find relief from the condition.

What triggers trigger your IBS:

For most people that have IBS, there are some things that cause a severe reaction, which is what is called a trigger. For many, this means an increase in things like pressure, gas and pain. These reactions happen because of the reaction that your intestine may have to the trigger. Usually, there are a handful of things that can cause this for you. Whenever you consume anything that works as a trigger for you, the end result is that you feel bad.


Here are a few things that can be considered triggers.


Foods are the most common. When you eat a specific food, you may experience a reaction to that food. For example, this happens to many that drink alcohol or eat foods like milk and chocolate. When they consume these foods, they may face an episode of either diarrhea and/or constipation. Some researchers believe that you may have a unique food allergy to these foods and that is what causes your reaction to them.

Medications. Some that need to take medications of specific types can find themselves dealing with an episode of irritable bowel syndrome. If you find that this is happening, the end result is that you will ultimately experience irritable bowel syndrome.

Stress. For those that are under a lot of stress, this too can become a trigger for your IBS symptoms. Those that become under a lot of stress end up facing more frequent problems with IBS.

The IBS Miracle: How to treat IBS

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