If you are looking for easy and inexpensive woodworking projects, read this Woodworking4Home review. Here you will learn about all pros and cons of this product to make the right choice.

What is Woodworking4Home exactly?

Woodworking4Home is a huge collection of 14,000 woodworking projects for all occasions. If you want to collect such collection by yourself, you will need a whole life.

But, in this case, the Woodworking4Home package costs only $ 49 ($ 0,0035 per project!).

The author of this package is John Metz, a professional with 20 years in woodworking, who wanted to share their experiences for all of us.

Main advantages of Woodworking4Home in my opinion are:

- Project scope is very wide and able to satisfy needs of both novice and professionals. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to start with the simplest projects and move to more complicated;

- All materials are very well structured to relevant categories (There are 105 different topics: from the “Arbor Plans” to “Wishing Well” Plans”);

- Each project is very detailed and accompanied with detailed instructions – I wrote above, that you do not need to be an experienced carpenter to bring them to life;

- Any project can be printed on paper. You can hang it on the wall in your workshop – it is very convenient;

- Each project contains a list of needed woodworking tools. You do not have to spend your money on unnecessary instruments;

- Excellent support – You can get a response from John to any question during the entire 6 hours via e-mail;

- Instant access immediately after payment. In addition, you can get DVD -ROM, containing all materials.

Unfortunately, this product has also some disadvantages, identified by me:

- Some plans do not correspond with categories, in which they are placed;

- It is difficult to find some types of wood, named in Woodworking4Home. In this case, please refer to John – He may tell you how to find a way out of this situation.

Is Woodworking4Home Scam?

I want to draw your attention – Woodworking4Home is not scam. This package really contains 14 000 detailed woodworking plans and projects for all occasions.

In addition, you can use the warranty for this product and get your money back within 60 days after purchase.

My Conclusion:

If you are looking for good base of woodworking plans and projects, I advise you to pay your attention to Woodworking4Home. This product is worth of every dollar, spent for its purchase.

Minute of your attention:

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